Scale Up Africa

Introducing Scale Up Africa

April 10, 2020 Scale Up Africa Podcast Season 1 Episode 1
Scale Up Africa
Introducing Scale Up Africa
Show Notes

Introducing Scale Up Africa, a podcast about building resilient African entrepreneurs and businesses with your hosts, Tafadzwa Sasa and Mulumba Lwatula.

The Scale Up Africa Podcast is a platform that brings together Africa’s finest entrepreneurs, leaders, and game changers to share their experiences, perspectives, and advice on what it will take to scale up start-ups and SMEs that will solve some of Africa’s biggest challenges. 

We believe that some of the biggest economic players within the African Century will be businesses founded and led by pan-African entrepreneurs who are not just passionate about Africa but are committed to transform their industries and change lives. 

Yet, that mission can become a feat in itself given the realities of Doing Business in Africa, so our guests will tackle the different dynamics and offer real life practical ideas and solutions that you can easily implement to create different results and Scale Up!

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